When shooting a wedding, time is the biggest aspect of the day to manage, which often means that what comes out of the camera at the end of the day can need some serious editing. Having the skills to use software like Photoshop, Lightroom and many more that are available to the professional photographer makes all the difference to the finished product. It will take me two or sometimes three days, to edit a wedding before it is presented. Every single shot is edited and corrected before it is seen, and that means hundreds of images to work through.

The shot below was over exposed, which is easily corrected, but it would still have lacked warmth and intimacy in my view, plus the hands look clumsy. By cropping and turning this shot on its side and into a black and white image we have turned an okay image into one of the favorites of the bride & groom.

The shot outside the church was great in terms of composition; but it lacked warmth and vibrancy. The shadows needed to be lightened and the highlights needed to be brought back

Below the image has more detail in the skin tones, which are also warmer, and the whole picture is now more balanced and rich in terms of colour.

Finally the shot of the bride in the field lacked atmosphere, which was hardly surprising, as it was a cold wet day.

But by re-cropping and softening the colours and then warming up the whole image and incorporating a vignette the shot has taken on a whole new look which the client loved!