Portrait Photography

A “so called portrait photograph” does not have to be a close-up headshot. A great example of this is this shot of Sian and Seth below from their pre-wedding shoot at Curbar Gap in the Peak District. It is emotive and dramatic yet intimate too.

In the past I have worked as a stills photographer within television, getting shots of actors whilst rehearsing and in-between rehearsals. It taught me loads of valuable skills, but the most important thing it did teach me which I use now within my photography, is people skills. I remember shooting the great actor Sir Alec Guinness.

You keep your distance; you try to be as unobtrusive as possible, you have an incredibly tight deadline to get those shots before the studio is cleared of all non-essential staff. But above all else, you show respect. This certainly paid off with Sir Alec, as in between rehearsals he came over to me and asked if I got all of the shots I wanted, and would I like to do some more. Skills carried forward to today, unobtrusive, manage tight deadlines, RESPECT.

When I worked as an advertising and fashion photographer I photographer lots of children, from baby’s and toddlers for the Mothercare catalogue and every age upwards. Back then I was working with a large format camera and a limited amount of film. Today, with the latest high performance digital cameras I am free to shoot in a much more relaxed and fun way.

Whether it is just you, your family, your pet, or a combination of your nearest and dearest. I would love to hear from you to discuss the type of portraits you’re looking for. A portrait session can take place in the comfort of your home, your garden or a favorite location like Chatsworth Park or Curber Edge. My portraits are relaxed and informal and are just perfect to celebrate birthdays, maybe even on an annual basis, as the children grow up?

A fixed price package which includes a photographic shoot of around one and half hours, a USB stick of all of the images, all shot and saved in high resolution files and copyright free, plus three 10 x 8 inch prints of your choice professionally printed and retouched if required all for £195. Get in touch to discuss. tony@tonyhall.me