Wedding Photographers Derbyshire & Sheffield Wedding Photographer

If you are looking for a Derbyshire Wedding photographer, then you have come to the right place. My name is Tony Hall a Derbyshire wedding photographer that has many years of wedding photography experience. I am based in The Peak District of Derbyshire but will often shoot weddings in Sheffield and other Yorkshire wedding venues. Closer to home you will see me working in all of the best Derbyshire wedding venues like Chatsworth House, Hassop Hall, Haddon Hall and Fischer’s Baslow Hall I am fortunate to live and work in a great part of England but I am also happy to travel to wherever you are planning to get married so please do get in contact with me to check my availability.


MAGIC OR LUCK?  When I picked up my first camera as a 10-year-old I knew then that this is what I wanted to do.“If there was a photographers magic circle, I’d be in it .”
“A tad theatrical,” I can hear you saying, but it’s a simple truth. A wedding is a truly unique day, full of romance, laughter, joy and the odd tear. And let me tell you, capturing those fleeting moments instinctively, or carefully crafting a bridal pose or group picture to add a touch of magic to an image is what separates the pros from the amateurs. You only get one opportunity on the big day so filtering out the endless choices and making good creative decisions is what you will be paying me for and that brings with it peace of mind so you can enjoy your day.
Wedding photography isn’t about hi-tech cameras, gadgets and gismos. Cameras don’t take great pictures any more than a sable brush paints a great masterpiece. So when people ask me what equipment I use, I say my trusty Mk1 eyeball. That is what I rely on to ‘see’, those subtle

That is what I rely on to ‘see’, those subtle moments between people, connections happening all round, the smiles, the tears, the opportunities and the formalities. Add to that trusty eyeball a professional attitude, all the right kit (obviously), backup kit (just in case), support from my qualified assistant throughout the day and finally add a liberal sprinkling of awesome people skills and ‘hey presto’, the magic begins.