Sheffield and Derbyshire Wedding Photographer: Tony Hall

I am Tony Hall Derbyshire Wedding Photographer and I believe that wedding photography should be creative; it should be fun, it should be the thing that you look back on in years to come and it makes you smile. It may even make you cry.
That’s why I am a wedding photographer;  I love my job.

I do not believe that you or your guests should be frogmarched around on the day, you are all there to enjoy yourselves and have a good time. It is my job to capture that and save it for you. I never forgot whose day it is; yours, not mine, that’s why I will often have a 2nd shooter/assistant with me. That way, we get the group shots you have asked for, quickly and professionally.

My background is fashion & advertising photography, I have also worked as a stills photographer for ITV. People skills are one of my greatest assets.


“A good wedding photographer needs serious people skills. Technical ability counts for nothing if you can’t connect with the people you are photographing.”

Your wedding, above all else, is about people… It’s about your family and your friends, it’s about children and adults, best men and bridesmaids, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, mums and dads, and at the centre of it all, it’s about you.

So when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer it kind of makes sense to pick one that knows how to handle the unique congregation of people that your wedding will bring together.

You need a photographer who knows how to subtly direct people into position to get perfect group shots.

One who understands family dynamics instinctively and can relate to young children and elderly grandparents alike.

And if possible try to get one that has a sixth sense for spotting and capturing those magic, moments that always happen at weddings.

Someone who can photograph beautiful, emotive, memorable images of your wedding day that you will treasure for the rest of your life… someone in fact, like me.

If this sounds like the kind of wedding photography you would like for your big day, then please, let’s talk! Call me on 07754 894 645

How I work as a wedding photographer

Take a close look at the series of pictures shown in the above slideshow, by me as lead wedding photographer working with a 2nd shooter or an accomplished assistant; the couple gets shots from different angles by two wedding photographers and viewpoints throughout the wedding ceremony. Everything was calm and quiet just as it should be with me at the front of the church and my assistant at the back; no one leaping about or using flash, and the couple is delighted with the photographs.

There is another advantage of having two wedding photographers, and that is we get through the “must have groups of people” shots much quicker. My assistant will line up one group, while I shoot another. Once all of the “must haves” have been shot, we then both pick up a camera and walk about with the wedding guests, two wedding photographers mixing with the guest are going to get many more candid photographs.

It’s one thing knowing to invest in a professional wedding photographer and another to get two wedding photographers. The difference is plain to see.