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September 19, 2016
Spring is in the air.
May 5, 2017

A Winters Tale

It’s a winter wedding, it’s freezing cold of course (but dry and bright so that’s good) and the bride plus the ten bridesmaids are not going to be able to stay outside for too long.

After a series of smaller group shots, it was time for the big one, ( around 100 people in total) I pride myself and get many compliments for NOT bossing people around and frogmarching guests from one spot to another against their will; so by the time we shot the big group, the bride & groom were off centre, and not lined up with the building clock tower, where I would have put them if I could have asked 100 people to rearrange themselves. This is where my skills, post wedding production, come in and something you would not get from a friend shooting your wedding as a favour. In Photoshop, I moved the whole group to the right, but in order to balance it off, I took five people from the end of the line and flipped them over to the other end. Popped the tower back onto the clock tower, and Bob’s your uncle; except, Uncle Bob could not do this. This should rank in your life as THE DAY to remember, that’s why you employ a professional photographer to capture those special memories.


After retouching below a far better composition and overall a far better image…